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A colorful comedic memoirs about misadventures in the air, the

extraordinary characters met along the way through the

glittering capitals of the world and...


In a quirk of fate, an African American about to study law at universtiy decides to switch careers to be an international flight steward. His hilarious stories spanning his life for the next 42 years revealed here explain how he came to recognise that this was his best decision ever.


INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT takes us behind the scenes of the airline industry through the eyes of Tal Harris. Tal, a gifted student on the path to becoming one of the few young African Americans to graduate as a lawyer in the early 1970s, instead decides to chase a dream of globe-trotting his way around the world as an international flight steward.


Come on a journey and follow Tal’s life from the moment he has an epiphany to become a flight attendant, through the hilarious anecdotes and experiences throughout his extensive career, all the while cruising at 39,000 feet. The stories encompass scenes at hotels, overseas bars, airports and of course up in the air on intecontinental flights circling the globe. Through his journey Tal shares his triumphs and setbacks, all the while demonstrating his thirst for adventure and desire to get the most out of life.


Beyond the comical adventures and experiences, all of which Tal would never take back, we get to observe Tal’s colourul character bloom as he drinks in all life has to offer.  Tal’s story teaches us to reach for our dreams, imagine any possibility and ultimately live life to the fullest. It implores us not to take life too seriously, chase dreams, and look behind doors; and it’s never too late to start.


Discover as Tal having lost his pension, as a result of his airline declaring bankruptcy, seemingly down and out, is forced to draw on his experience and never-say-die attitude to survive in the skies.

INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT takes you into some very reputable and some less than reputable drinking establishments throughout the world. Tal’s recollection of events is phenomenally vivid - especially those events that no amount of alcohol could let him forget. Join Tal and his adventures in INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT.


Make sure you are not mid-sip while reading this book! As I turned the pages, I literally laughed-out-loud to myself too many times to count. Mr. Harris' vivid language will make you want to see the world, and if your time and budget don't permit, you will get a glimpse of what it is like to rub elbows with celebrities we've only seen in media or dreamt about. If you or someone you know has ever had a bad day, make sure they pick up this book! The outrageous, unbelievable situations will give you perspective on what a "problem" may really consist of. What an amazing, fabulous life & career to be had!

Amazon customer​

Inflight Entertainment is hilarious and entertaining, live the experience on a crazy roller coaster.

Dr Matt Pekerol


What a perspective, what a life, Inflight Entertainment is a definite page-flipper.

Kimberley Burckhalter (flight attendant)

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